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G5 Entertainment Group (also known as G5 Games) is a developer and publisher of free-to-play adventure and puzzle games such as hidden objects,[7] mahjong[7] and match 3 games.[8][9][10][11] It was founded in 2001 by Vlad Suglobov, Alexander Tabunov and Sergey Shultz. The company headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden.[12][13]

G5 Entertainment Group
Company typePublic company
Nasdaq Nordic: G5EN
ISINSE 0001824004
IndustryMobile games
Founded2001; 23 years ago (2001)
Key people
Vlad Suglobov[1][2]
(CEO and co-founder)
Stefan Wikstrand[3]
Alexander Tabunov[4]
(COO and co-founder)
Petter Nylander
(Chairman of the Board)
RevenueSEK 1,316 million[5] (2021)
Number of employees
961[6] (2022)

As of the end of 2022, the group had 961 employees in Sweden,[9] Malta,[9] United States,[14] Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Montenegro and Kazakhstan.[13][15][16][17][18]



G5 Entertainment was founded in 2001.[9][12]

In 2006, the group started developing PC games and then went on to release mobile games such as Supermarket Mania[16] and Virtual City.[16] The games were later launched on the Apple App Store.[1] Developed by the company, Mahjong Artifacts, was eventually adapted into a free game called Mahjong Journey.[19]

In 2011, G5 released its first free mobile game, Virtual City Playground.[16] And in 2013, after the release of Virtual City Playground, the group decided to focus only on free games.[16]

G5 Entertainment became the first developer of games for mobile phones in the CIS, as well as the first gaming company from the CIS to conduct an IPO.[20]

In 2022, G5 Entertainment opened its offices in Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Montenegro and Kazakhstan.[13][15][17]

Games published by G5 Entertainment include: Hidden City:[1][9][21] Hidden Object & Mystery Games, Sherlock: Hidden Match-3 Cases,[13] Jewels of Rome,[22][13] Jewels of the Wild West,[18] Mahjong Journey[18] and The Secret Society.[1][9]

IPO and trading history


In October 2006, G5 Entertainment AB listed its shares on the Nordic MTF in Stockholm under the trading symbol G5EN.[16]

In 2008, trading in G5 shares was moved from NGM Nordic MTF to Aktietorget (now renamed Spotlight Stock Market) in Stockholm. In 2013, the company listed the company's shares on the Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market. G5 Entertainment shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm's Main Market under the symbol G5EN.ST since 2014.[23][24] In August 2019, the company started trading on OTCQX Market in New York under the symbol GENTF.[25] In 2020, G5 had the second largest gain among the 365 members of the OMX Stockholm Index.[10]


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