Japanese era from April 877 to March 885

Gangyō (元慶) was a 年号, ([nengō,] Error: {{nihongo}}: text has italic markup (help), lit. "year name") after Jōgan and before Ninna. This period spanned the years from April 877 through February 885.[1] The reigning emperor was Yōzei-tennō (陽成天皇).[2]

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Seiwa in the robes of a Buddhist priest before he died in Gangyō 2[3]
  • 20 January 877 (Gangyō 1, 3rd day of the 1st month): Yōzei was formally enthroned at age 8.[4]
  • 877 (Gangyō 1, 2nd month): Ambassadors from Korea arrived in the Izumo province; but they were turned back.[4]
  • 877 (Gangyō 1, 6th month): There was a great drought; and sacrifices were made at the temples of Hachiman, Kamo and other temples in Ise province. Eventually, it rained.[4]
  • 32 December 878 (Gangyō 2, 4th day of the 12th month): Former-Emperor Seiwa died at age 31.[5]
  • 4 March 884 (Gangyō 8, 4th day of the 2nd month): In the 8th year of Yōzei's reign, the emperor was deposed; and the succession (senso) was received by the third son of former Emperor Ninmyō.[6]

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