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Gohan is an anime and manga fictional character in the Dragon Ball universe. He is one of the main protagonists of the Dragon Ball series. Gohan is the son of Chi-Chi and Goku, the brother of Goten, the husband of Videl and the father of Pan. Gohan is a human and Saiyan hybrid. He was created by Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball character
First appearance"The New Threat"
Created byAkira Toriyama
Full nameSon Gohan
AliasesThe Great saiyaman
SpeciesHuman-Saiyan Hybrid
OccupationMartial artist


Team Universe 7


Significant other(s)Piccolo(master)

Bardock (grandfather deceased) Gine(grandmother deceased)

Hercule/Mr Satan(step father)
WeaponSword Z-sword
HomeWest city/Satan City

Gohan is also a part of movies, video games and merchandise based on the franchise.

Appearance change

Dragon Ball Z change

Gohan first appears as a normal human child. He wears a red hat that has a four star dragon ball on top of it. As a child, Gohan has a tail. Gohan wanders around the forest until he meets a tige. The tiger steals his hat and runs away. As the tiger runs away, it becomes on a branch near a waterfall. Before Goku can save it. the tiger falls. It appears that the tiger jumped off the branch. This is a relief toGoku.

Gohan and Goku arrive at Kame house to meet Master Roshi, Krillin, Bulma and Mr. Turtle. Their celebration ended when Goku's older brother, Raditz, takes Gohan away. Goku and Piccolo form an alliance to save Gohan and defeat Raditz. He is too powerful for them to beat. Gohan does not want to see his father get hurt any further. This causes him to headbutt Raditz. The headbutt damages Raditz's armor but Gohan is knocked unconscious.[1]

After the defeat of Raditz, Gohan was taken away by Piccolo to train for upcoming saiyan arrival. After six months of surviving in the woods, Gohan trains with Piccolo in the martial arts.

The day the saiyans arrived, Gohan and other Dragon Ball Z fighters were ready. After the death of Yamcha and destruction of the saibamen, the saiyan warrior Nappa fights Gohan, Tien, Piccolo, Krillin and Chiotzu .Chiotzu and Tien died. This left Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo as Earth's last defenders.

References change

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