Gun language

language spoken in Nigeria and Benin

Gun language (Gun: gungbe) is a language in the Gbe languages group. It is spoken by the Gun people in Benin and Nigeria. This language is close to Fon, as well as to Agbome, Kpase, Maxi and Weme (Ouémé) languages. It is the second most spoken language of Benin. It is used in some schools in the Ouémé Department of Benin.[1]

Native speakers
1,539,000 (2021)
Language codes
ISO 639-3guw

It is mainly spoken in south Benin in Porto-Novo, Sème, Bonou, Adjara, Avrankou, Dangbo, Missérété, Akpro-Missérété, Cotonou and other cities where Gun people live. Gun is also spoken by a minority of people in southwest Nigeria near the border with Benin.

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