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Gusinje (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Гусиње, Albanian: Gucia), pronounced [ɡǔsiɲe] is a small town and municipality in north-eastern Montenegro. In 2011, it has a population of 4,027 people. The town is located in a very thin valley and it is surrounded by mountains. This is due to its location in the Plav-Gusinje valley. The majority of the population are Muslim and profess Islam. It has a mixed population of Muslim Bosniaks and Muslim Albanians. Both of these ethnicities however, live in peace and coexist with eachother.

Town center of Gusinje with the mosque located in the background
coat of arms

Name change

The name Gusinje (Гусиње) is derived from guska (goose).[1][2] Its older name was Gousino (Гоусино).[1][2] In the Ottoman period, it was known as Turkish Gusna (گوسن). In Albanian, it is known as Gucia.

Geography change

The Vizier's Mosque in the town's center

The town is in the Plav-Gusinje ravine of the Prokletije, at an elevation of ca. 1,000 m.

References change

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