right-wing Israeli political party
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Likud, Hebrew: הליכוד - HaLikud, meaning The Consolidation, (official name: HaLikud-National Liberal Movement), commonly called Likud, is an Israeli political party.

Logo of Likud

Its ideology is right-wing conservative liberal,[1] nationalist, and Zionist.

Political leader is Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister 1996–1999; 2009–2021).

Likud was founded in 1973 as a a result of an alliance (and later on a merger in 1988) of six liberal and nationalist parties, like Gahal, Herut and the Liberal Party.

Founders were Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir.

Number of seats in the 23rd Knesset: 36 (+4).

Participating in the Fifth Netanyahu Government.


  1. Experimental Studies of Interactive Decisions, Amnon Rapoport, Kluwer Academic, ISBN 0792306856, 1990, page 413: "Likud is a liberal-conservative party that gains much of its support from the lower and middle classes, and promotes free enterprise, nationalism, and expansionism."

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