Hundred Days

1815 conflict during the Napoleonic Wars

Hundred Days, Or the war of the Seventh Coalition, Was a period between March 20, 1815, the date on which Napoleon arrived in Paris after escaping from exile on Elba, and July 8, 1815, the date of the return of Louis XVIII to Paris.

Hundred Days
Part of the Napoleonic Wars

The Battle of Waterloo, by William Sadler II
Date10 March to 8 July 1815
France, present-day Belgium, present-day Italy
Result Coalition victory, Treaty of Paris, end of the Napoleonic Wars

Seventh Coalition

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Kingdom of PrussiaPrussia
Other German states
Netherlands United Kingdom of the Netherlands
Spain Spain
Portugal Portugal
Sardinia Sardinia
Tuscany Tuscany
France French Royalists
France France


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