city in Ukraine, Crimea

Kerch is a city in Crimea, Ukraine. Located in the Kerch Peninsula, about 149,566 people lived there in 2017.

Керч (Ukrainian)
Керчь (Russian)
Keriç  (Crimean Tatar)
Керич (Crimean Tatar)
Kerch. Obelisk of Glory on Mount Mithridates
Kerch. Obelisk of Glory on Mount Mithridates
Flag of Kerch
Coat of arms of Kerch
Coordinates: 45°21′43″N 36°28′16″E / 45.36194°N 36.47111°E / 45.36194; 36.47111
CountryUkraine Ukraine (occupied by Russia)
RepublicAutonomous Republic of Crimea Crimea1
RegionKerch City Municipality
 • Total108 km2 (42 sq mi)
10 m (30 ft)
 • Total149,566
 • Density1,464.49/km2 (3,793.0/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3
Postal code
298300 – 298399
Area code+7-36561
Former name(s)Panticapaeum, Bosporus, Vosporo, Korchev, Cerchio
Sister citiesMogilev, Smolensk, Çanakkale, Oryol, Odintsovo, Sochi
Websiteгорсовет-керчь.рф (de facto)
1 Autonomous Republic of Crimea (de jure) or Republic of Crimea (de facto), depending on jurisdiction.

It began as a colony in ancient Greece about 2,600 years ago. In 1790, the Turkish navy was defeated by the Russian navy during the Battle of Kerch Strait.[1] In World War II, the Red Army and the Axis fought there during the Battle of the Kerch Peninsula.

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