natural feature of the surface; geomorphological unit in the Earth sciences

A landform is a word that describes a form of land. Each type of landform is defined by its size, shape, location, and what it is made of. The scientific study of landform is called geomorphology.

Cono de Arita, a landform in Salta (Argentina)
A glacial erratic, Waterville Plateau, Washington.

List of landformsEdit

Slope landformsEdit

Coastal and oceanic landformsEdit

Fluvial landformsEdit

Landforms that are related to flowing water.

Mountain and glacial landformsEdit

Volcanic landformsEdit

Erosion landformsEdit

Landforms made by erosion and weathering usually occur in coastal or fluvial areas, and many are listed under those headings. Some other erosion landforms that are not listed in those categories include:

  • Deposition landform -- landforms produced by deposition of load or sediment (usually coastal or fluvial).
  • Eolian landform - landforms produced by wind weathering.

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