Lynne Ewing

American author and screenwriter

Lynne Ewing is an American book writer and a movie writer.

Lynne Ewing
Lynne Ewing
Occupation(s)Author and screenwriter

She moved a lot as she was growing up; her father was in the Marine Corps. She has two sisters. Lynne finished high school in Lima, Peru after going to seven other schools. The time she was in the country Peru, she learned to speak the language Spanish. She attended the University of California at Santa Barbara. She was 30 years old when she began writing for newspapers, documentaries, magazines, and did screen writing. She is also a counselor. The first books that she wrote were Drive-By and Party Girl. Drive-By took six years to write, and Party Girl has been made into a movie called Living the Life. She has written the finished book Daughters of the Moon and Sons of the Dark line of books. She lives in Los Angeles and Washington D.C.. Ms. Ewing has two children, Jonathan, a molecular biologist, and Amber, a lawyer who works around the country. She has also been to Japan, China, Russia, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. She has started a new line of books named Sisters of Isis.

Books change

In 2001, Lynne's book Party Girl became a movie called Living the Life; Lynne was one of two moviewriters.