Mehmed V

Ottoman Sultan

Mehmed V Reşâd (2 November 1844 – 3 July 1918) was the 35th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He reigned from 27 April 1909 to 3 July 1918. He was born in Istanbul in 1844 and died in 1918 at the age of 73. From 1911-1913 the Italians took Libya and the Balkans had formed a Christian coalition and started a war with the Ottoman Empire. It pushed the Ottomans away back to Anatolia and Egypt. He was involved in World War 1 in the Caucasus Campaign (Russo-Turkish War: 1914-1918) fighting the Russian Empire as well as the Gallipoli Campaign fighting the British Empire and France. He was also involved in the Russian Revolution during The Great War but was not involved in the Armenian genocide by Enver Pasha.

Mehmed V
Ottoman Caliph
Caliph of Islam
Amir al-Mu'minin
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
Photo of Mehmed V in his seventy-first year
Photograph by Carl Pietzner, June 1915
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (Padishah)
Reign27 April 1909 – 3 July 1918
Sword girding10 May 1909
PredecessorAbdul Hamid II
SuccessorMehmed VI
Grand Viziers
Born(1844-11-02)2 November 1844
Old Çırağan Palace, Constantinople, Ottoman Empire
(present-day Istanbul, Turkey)
Died3 July 1918(1918-07-03) (aged 73)
Yıldız Palace, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Tomb of Sultan Mehmed V Reşad, Eyüp, Istanbul
Full name
Meḥemmed Khan bin Abdulmejid[1]
FatherAbdulmejid I
MotherGülcemal Kadın (biological mother)
Servetseza Kadın (adoptive mother)
ReligionSunni Islam
TughraMehmed V's signature

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