Missouri House of Representatives

lower house of U.S. state legislature

The Missouri House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Missouri General Assembly. It has 163 members, representing districts with an average size of 37,000 residents. Members of the House are elected for a two-year term during general elections held in even-numbered years.

Missouri House of Representatives
Missouri General Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
4 terms (8 years)
New session started
January 6, 2016
Todd Richardson (R)
since May 15, 2015
Speaker pro Tempore
Denny Hoskins[1] (R)
since January 7, 2015
Majority Leader
Mike Cierpiot (R)
since May 15, 2015
Minority Leader
Jacob Hummel (D)
since January 7, 2015
Political groups
Governing party
  •   Republican (116)

Opposition party

Length of term
2 years
AuthorityArticle III, Missouri Constitution
Salary$35,915/year + per diem[2]
Last election
November 4, 2014
(163 seats)
Next election
November 1, 2016
(163 seats)
RedistrictingLegislative Control
Meeting place
Missouri State Capitol
Jefferson City, Missouri
Missouri House of Representatives

In 1992 Missouri approved a constitutional amendment providing term limits (before this there were no limits).[3] No Representative may serve more than eight years in the House. Each candidate for the office must be at least twenty-four years old, a qualified registered voter in the state for at least two years, and a resident of his or her district for at least one year.[4]

Missouri's house is the fourth largest in the United States although the state ranks 18th in population. Legislation was introduced in 2011 to cut its size to 103 members in 2020. States with larger legislatures in the United States are New Hampshire (400), Pennsylvania (203) and Georgia (180).[5][6]

Composition change

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic Independent Vacant
Begin[7] 116 45 162 1
January 27, 2015[8] 44 1 162 1
May 15, 2015[9] 116 161 2
June 23, 2015[10] 43 160 3
November 3, 2015[11] 117 45 163 0
February 17, 2016[12] 116 45 163 1
Latest voting share 71.17% 27.61% 0.61%

Term Limits change

In 1992 Missouri voters approved a constitutional amendment placing term limits on the Missouri House of Representatives. A Representative can serve no more than four two-year terms in the house (a total of eight years). The first time term limits prevented someone from running again was in 2002.

Salary change

As of March 2008, members of the Missouri House of Representatives receive an annual salary of $35,915.44.[13]

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