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The People's Republic of China (PRC) bans a lot of movies for many reasons. The National Film Administration (国家电影局) decides for mainland China.[1] Hong Kong and Macau have different political systems so the bans below do not apply. Taiwan, which is known as the Republic of China by those countries that recognize her, is not under the control and jurisdiction of the PRC.

List of banned movies by subject (partial selection) change

The 10 Conditions of Love is a documentary about Rebiya Kadeer
  • River Elegy (河殇) (1988)[2]

1989 Tiananmen Square protests change

Tibet and Xinjiang change

Human rights change

One of the directors of Ten Years
Allowed for years, but banned since 2019

Taiwan change

  • Days We Stared at the Sun II (他們在畢業的前一天爆炸2) (2017)[24][25]
  • Freewill Of Formosa (自由的向望) (2019)[26]
  • Island Nation (國際橋牌社) (2020)[27]
  • Wave Makers (人選之人-造浪者) (2023)[28]

Celebrity scandal change

  • A Chinese Ghost Story (只问今生恋沧溟) (2021) by Zheng Shuang (郑爽)[29]

Punishment change

  • The director of To Live (1994 film) 活着 was banned from filmmaking for 2 years.[30][31]
  • Summer Palace (2006 film) 颐和园 was submitted for competition overseas without being submitted to censorship first, in other words, without China´s authorization. The punishment included a movie production 5-year-ban on the maker of the movie.[32][33]
  • For making the Lost in Beijing movie, Fang Li and the production company Beijing Laurel Films were banned from filmmaking for 2 years.[34]

The 3-tier system change

Tong Ying Kit was punished in July 2021 for using a controversial slogan, may or may not be relevant.

Inside the Red Brick Wall (理大圍城) was approved by Hong Kong censor - Derek Lee in 2021. Up to April 2022, he is still in office. [35][36] Inside the Red Brick Wall is under "category III". In November 2021, the Hong Kong law on censorship was changed.[37] It is not clear whether Revolution of Our Times (時代革命) (by Kiwi Chow) is allowed or banned.[38] Chow's movie's name is the later half of the Tong's slogan (liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times) without former half, without the words of "liberate Hong Kong".[39]

The rules say that Hong Kong "category III" movies cannot be shown to people under 18 years old.[40]

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