Nationalist Movement Party

far-right political party in Turkey

The Nationalist Movement Party (sometimes called Nationalist Action Party; Turkish: Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi, MHP) is a political party in Turkey.

Nationalist Movement Party
Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi
PresidentDevlet Bahçeli
General Secretaryİsmet Büyükataman [tr]
FounderAlparslan Türkeş
Founded9 February 1969; 55 years ago (1969-02-09)
Preceded byRepublican Villagers Nation Party
HeadquartersEhlibeyt Mh. Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Cd No:128, 06105 Ankara, Turkey
Paramilitary wingGrey Wolves (unofficial)
Membership (2018)489,239[1]
IdeologyTurkish ultranationalism[2][3][4][5]
Cultural nationalism[5][6][7]
Social conservatism[8]
National conservatism[9]
Right-wing populism[10][11]

Turkish-Islamic synthesis
Political positionRight-wing[21][22][23]
to far-right[24][25][26]
National affiliationPeople's Alliance
Colours    Red, White (official)
  Ruby red (customary)
SloganÜlkenin Geleceğine Oy Ver ("Vote for the Country's Future")
Grand National Assembly
49 / 600
Metropolitan municipalities
2 / 30
District municipalities
166 / 1,351
Provincial councillors
174 / 1,251
Municipal Assemblies
3,501 / 20,498
Party flag

The MHP was founded on 9 February 1969 by Alparslan Türkeş. Their most successful performance in an election was in 1999, where they received 5,606,634 votes and won 129 out of 550 seats in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. In the last election, they received 5,599,600 votes and won 40 out of 550 seats.

The Nationalist Movement Party has been called a neo-fascist party,[27][28] and has been linked to some violent militias.[29] They are cultural nationalists, and moved from supporting secularism to having a pro-Islamic stance. They are Eurosceptics, meaning they are against the European Union.

Their slogan is: Ülkenin Geleceğine Oy Ver (meaning "Vote for the country's future").

The MHP refuses to have any form of dialogue with the left-wing Kurdish nationalist Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).

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