Paula Hawkins

British writer

Paula Hawkins (born 26 August 1972 in Salisbury, Rhodesia) is a British author. She is known for her best selling novels The Girl on the Train and Into the Water.[1]

Hawkins at Gothenburg Book Fair in 2015


Hawkins was born in Salisbury (now Harare, Zimbabwe) in 1972. Hawkins attended Arundel School in Harare and Collingham College in London.[2] She has also worked with The Times as a journalist. Her 2015 novel, The Girl on the Train was adapted into film by same name featuring Emily Blunt in 2016.[3] Hawkins has also written four romantic fictions under the name Amy Silver.[4]


  • Guerrilla Learning: How to Give Your Kids a Real Education With or Without School (2001) (Amy Silver) (with co-author Grace Llewellyn) ISBN 9780471349600[5]
  • Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista (2009) (Amy Silver) ISBN 9780099543558[6]
  • All I Want for Christmas (2010) (Amy Silver) ISBN 9780099553229[7]
  • One Minute to Midnight (2011) (Amy Silver) ISBN 9780099564638[8]
  • The Reunion (2013) (Amy Silver) ISBN 9780099574491[9]
  • The Girl on the Train (2015) (Paula Hawkins) ISBN 9781594634024[10]
  • Into the Water (2017) (Paula Hawkins) ISBN 9780735211209[11]


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