Pikmin 3

real-time strategy video game
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Pikmin 3 is a real-time strategy video game that was released by Nintendo for the Wii U game console. It is the sequel to Pikmin 2, a prequel to Pikmin 4, and the third game in the Pikmin series. It was released in Japan on July 13, 2013, in Europe on July 26, 2013, and in North America on August 4, 2013.[2]

Pikmin 3
Developer(s)Nintendo EAD
Director(s)Shigefumi Hino
Yuji Kando
Producer(s)Hiroyuki Kimura
Designer(s)Atsushi Miyagi
Takafumi Kiuchi
Takuro Shimizu
Artist(s)Keisuke Nishimori[1]
Writer(s)Kunio Watanabe
Makoto Wada
Composer(s)Asuka Hayazaki
Atsuko Asahi
Hajime Wakai
Platform(s)Wii U
  • JP: July 13, 2013
  • EU: July 26, 2013
  • AU: July 27, 2013
  • NA: August 4, 2013[a]
Genre(s)Real-time strategy
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Pikmin 3 has the same gameplay as the last 2 Pikmin games. Players control 100 plant-like creatures called Pikmin. The player uses them to pick up objects, reach areas, and fight enemies. There are three characters that players can play as. In addition to the five types of Pikmin from Pikmin 2 (Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, Purple Pikmin, and White Pikmin), there are two new types of Pikmin. The Rock Pikmin can destroy tough barriers, while the Winged Pikmin can attack flying enemies and carry items in the air.

The player is able to control the game with the Wii U GamePad or the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination. The Wii U GamePad gives the player a map of the game environment, which is visible on its touch screen.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a remaster of the game for the Nintendo Switch. It released on October 30, 2020.

Story change

In the year 20XX, the people of Koppai are suffering from famine as a result of a "booming population, booming appetites, and a basic lack of planning". Having searched planets for resources, one returns positive. It has food, so three captains are sent to explore the planet and retrieve food: Alph, Brittany, and Charlie. However, upon landing, their ship crashes, separating the three. Charlie falls to the Distant Tundra and meets the Yellow Pikmin, but is eaten. Alph wakes up in the Tropical Wilds and meets the Red Pikmin, who help recover their ship. Alph learns that the "cosmic drive key", which is required to go back to Koppai, has disappeared.

Alph finds Brittany in the Garden of Hope and rescues her with help from the Rock Pikmin, and they rescue Charlie and Brittany discovers the Yellow Pikmin. They recover some of Captain Olimar's files, and find out that he has the key, having thought it was treasure. Later, they mistakenly rescue Louie from the Twilight River after receiving his SOS message meant for Olimar. He steals their food and Charlie's rubber duck, and escapes to him and Olimar's crashed spaceship in the Garden of Hope. They retrieve and interrogate him, and he tells them Olimar is at the Formidable Oak. There, the captains and the Pikmin defeat the Plasm Wraith to save Olimar, and he returns the cosmic drive key to them. The three use the key for the ship, offering Olimar and Louie a ride back to Hocotate, and they return home as the Pikmin wave goodbye.

Notes change

  1. Pre-ordered digital release available August 3, 2013

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