Prime Minister of Kosovo

head of government of Kosovo

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo (Albanian: Kryeministri i Republikës së Kosovës, Serbian: Премијер Републике Косово/Premijer Republike Kosovo) is the head of government of Kosovo.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo
Kryeministri i Republikës së Kosovës (in Albanian)
Премијер Pепубликe Косова (in Serbian)
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PM Albin Kurti during the first meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo 3 (cropped).jpg
Albin Kurti

since 22 March 2021
NominatorPresident of Kosovo
AppointerAssembly of Kosovo
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderBajram Rexhepi
Formation4 March 2002
Salary€1,500 monthly[1] (in Albanian) (in English)

List of prime ministers (since 2008)Edit


  PDK   LDK   AAK   LV

No. Portrait Name
Term of office Political party Election
Took office Left office Time in office
Prime Ministers
1Hashim Thaçi
(born 1968)
17 February 20089 December 20146 years, 295 daysPDK2007
2Isa Mustafa
(born 1951)
9 December 20149 September 20172 years, 274 daysLDK2014
3Ramush Haradinaj
(born 1968)
9 September 20173 February 20202 years, 147 daysAAK2017
4Albin Kurti
(born 1975)
1st time
3 February 20203 June 2020121 daysVetëvendosje2019
5Avdullah Hoti
(born 1976)
3 June 202022 March 2021292 daysLDK
(4)Albin Kurti
(born 1975)
2nd time
22 March 2021Incumbent1 year, 313 daysVetëvendosje2021


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