Sogdian language

extinct Eastern Iranian language of Central Asia

The Sogdian language was an Eastern Iranian language/ It was spoken mainly in the Central Asian region of Sogdia, located in modern-day Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan[4] and Kyrgyzstan;[5]

*s{əγ}ʷδī́k ᵊzβā́k, *s{əγ}ʷδyā́u̯,
𐼑𐼇𐼄𐼌𐼊𐼋 [*𐼀𐼈𐼂𐼀𐼋] swγδyk [*ʾzβʾk]
𐼼𐼴𐼶𐼹𐼷𐼸 (𐼰𐼵𐼱𐼰𐼸) swγδyk (ʾzβʾk)
𐼼𐼲𐼴𐼹𐼷𐼰𐼴 sγwδyʾw
𐫘𐫇𐫄𐫔𐫏𐫀𐫇 swγδyʾw
Native toSogdia
RegionCentral Asia, China
Era1st millennium BCE – 1000 CE[1]
developed into modern Yaghnobi
Language codes
ISO 639-2sog
ISO 639-3sog
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