Super Mario Odyssey

2017 3D open-world platformer video game developed by Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey is a Nintendo Switch 3D platform video game released on October 27, 2017.[1] It is part of the Super Mario series. It received a lot of positive ratings and is one of the highest-rated games of all time. It had sold 20 million copies as of December 31, 2020.[2]

Super Mario Odyssey
Developer(s)Nintendo EPD
Publisher(s)Nintendo Edit this on Wikidata
Director(s)Kenta Motokura
Producer(s)Yoshiaki Koizumi Edit this on Wikidata
Composer(s)Naoto Kubo
Shiho Fujii
Kōji Kondō Edit this on Wikidata
Super Mario Edit this on Wikidata
Platform(s)Nintendo Switch
ReleaseOctober 27, 2017
co-op mode Edit this on Wikidata

Story change

Bowser and the Broodals, a group of rabbits, kidnap Princess Peach and Tiara, and take them to Bowser's airship. Mario comes to rescue Peach, but he fails, being launched towards the Cap Kingdom. However, his hat stayed on the ship, Bowser stepped on it, and it flew to the back of the ship and ripped.

But a hat named Cappy grabs a piece, and he flies to Mario to team up with him. Cappy uses the piece to look like Mario's old cap. The two go and collect Power Moons, and in the Cascade Kingdom, they find a ship named Odyssey, making it work with Power Moons. The two climb aboard and chase Bowser, as they travel to various kingdoms. They fight bosses along the way and collect Power Moons to reach more areas.

They meet up with Bowser on the Moon in a cathedral, and Mario fights with him. Mario wins, but the battlefield breaks. Mario "captures" Bowser using Cappy, allowing Mario to take over Bowser. Peach and Tiara jump on Bowser's shoulder and escape the cavern. Bowser goes to propose to Peach again, and so does Mario. Peach rejects them both and gets on the Odyssey with Tiara and Cappy. Mario rushes to the Odyssey in time, leaving Bowser on the Moon.

Awards change

List of pre-release awards and nominations
Year Awards Category Result Ref.
2017 IGN's Best of E3 Best Platformer Won [3]
Best Nintendo Switch Game Won
Game of Show Won
Game Critics Awards Best Action/Adventure Game Won [4]
Best Console Game Won
Best of Show Won
Destructoid's Best of E3 Best of Show Won [5]

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