Troops of Tomorrow

album by The Exploited

Troops of Tomorrow is the second studio album by Scottish punk rock band, The Exploited. Troops of Tomorrow was released in 1982. American heavy metal band Slayer and rapper Ice-T covered a medley called "Disorder" which was featured on the soundtrack to the 1993 movie Judgment Night.[1] The song "UK82" was also used as the opening and closing theme for the 1983 movie Made in Britain starring Tim Roth.[2]

Troops of Tomorrow
Studio album by
1998 (reissue)
RecordedRevolution Studios
GenreHardcore punk, street punk, Oi!
ProducerTony Spath and The Exploited
The Exploited chronology
''Punks Not Dead
Troops of Tomorrow ''Let's Start a War

The music video for the song "Fuck the USA" starts with a typed intro and says "And so... a Pandora's box of rejection and reaction was opened. Today, thousands carry on the greatest anti-movement of our age. Punk rock, the end of our dreams..." The lead vocalist Wattie Buchan starts shouting while the music starts. They play on stage while there are some clips of the band walking around the streets of Scotland and having fun. The song ends with an interview with the band.[3]


Side one

No. Title Length
1. "Jimmy Boyle"    
2. "Daily News"    
3. "Disorder"    
4. "Alternative (Remix)"    
5. "Fuck The U.S.A."    
6. "Rapist"    
7. "Troops of Tomorrow"    

Side two

No. Title Length
1. "UK 82"    
2. "Sid Vicious Was Innocent"    
3. "War"    
4. "They Won't Stop"    
5. "So Tragic"    
6. "Germs"    


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