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I have a bot account, Auntof6Bot.

Helpful pages



General reference

Helpful regular expressions

  • coding of Commons templates
  • variations of Related pages/See also
insource:/=( ?)((Other|Relating) (P|p)ages|See (A|a)lso|Related Pages)\:? ?=/
  • variations of Other websites/External links
insource:/=( ?)((External |Other )?(L|l)inks|Related (W|w)eb ?sites|Outside (L|l)inks|Other (L|l)inks?|Other (S|s)ites|Other ((W|w)eb ?pages))\:? ?=/
  • places where language templates could be used
insource:/\[\[Greek language\|Greek\]\]\:/
  • dates in dd month format (day captured as $1, month captured as $2):
  • find certain headings
\n*=+( *(Related pages|References|Other websites) *)=+\n*
can change to the following to standardize spacing:
  • find authority control template:
\n*\{\{Authority control\}\}
can change to this to ensure a blank line before:
\n\n{{Authority control}}

Guidelines and policies


These RfDs set precedents that I might want to remember in the future.

Things I work on

Category work

  • Look through category structure for places where things can be simplified or standardized. This can include:
    • For categories that have only one page, either recategorize that page or put more articles in the category
    • Where there is a category such as "XXX by country", make sure all the entries in that category are also under the relevant country, and vice versa
    • Make new subcategories where there are enough pages to justify it
  • Look through Special:WantedCategories to see if there are either categories that should be created or articles that should have any categories changed or removed.
    • Note: When I started on this, there were over 2000 categories in this list. Now there are fewer than 300. An important reason for working on this is that some pages (articles, categories, etc.) have only redlinked categories. Those pages don't show up as uncategorized, and it's good for them to have at least one bluelinked category.
  • Check sort keys to be sure articles sort correctly in each category
  • Pages in stub categories and cleanup categories should also be in regular categories.