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Cromwellt is an interpreter and translator in central Arizona, specializing in the legal field.

In addition to working on the Simple English Wikipedia (SEWP), I have a vision of what Simple English Wiktionary (SEWT), the sisterproject to SEWP, could be, and I want to help it become real. I believe that SEWT can become a resource for SEWP users, who have problems using the English Wiktionary (EWT) because it uses large words and complex sentences. SEWT is useful because it provides definitions of words in Simple English. It has a different goal from EWT. It does not want to make English definitions of all words in all languages, but only Simple English definitions of words in English, made for people who do not know English well.

As part of my vision, I want to help move all unexpandable dictionary entries in SEWP to SEWT, changing the dictionary entries that remain into encyclopedia articles. Because SEWP is not a dictionary, it is better if it only has encyclopedia articles and no dictionary entries. Those fit much better in SEWT. Let us work together to make Simple English Wikipedia and Simple English Wiktionary what they can be.

For other projects I am involved in, see my userpage matrix.

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The account Cromwell is another account of this user. It is not a sockpuppet, and was created by accident.