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Panorama of geothermal source of Vulcan Hot Springs, near Cascade, Idaho. Image was taken about nine years after a wild fire swept through the area killing most of the mature lodgepole pine trees (pinus contorta) native to the area.

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Wikipedia interests change

On En-Wiki, I have several declared interests. Here, I am simply interested in improving this version of the encyclopedia.

Kennedy Brice change

Originally deleted, I am trying to resurrect some version of the article on child-star Kennedy Brice.

Alternative account change

I created an account for use on mobile devices and public internet locations (such as my local library). This was done per the security exception to the En-Wiki version of the sockpuppet rules. Those rules can be found here. The Simple version of this policy can be found at WP:VALIDALT. Generally, I rarely use the alternative account on any Wikipedia project due to the difficulty of editing from a mobile device. I have used it when I've had internet outages or when away from home for more than a brief period of time, as well as from public internet locations. The alternative account name is: Etamni-m.

Who is Etamni? change

"Etamni" was the short-form of the name of a character in a book that I read in high school. It was a fantasy novel, but I do not now recall the name of the book or the name of the author. I identified with the character, and have used the name from time-to-time since then. I am a private person, and do not usually associate the name Etamni with my actual name. The word 'Etamni' also spells 'inmate' backwards, but I'm definitely not an inmate!

If you know the source of the name 'Etamni' please feel free to drop a note on my talk page -- I'd love to find that book again and see if I still identify with the character that my teenaged self found so intriguing!

There are others out there on the internet who also use the name Etamni.

I am a database designer, writer, and entrepreneur. I've worked in customer service and technical support for a major cell phone carrier. I've dispatched taxis. I've made and delivered pizza. I've made elephant ears at a fair, I've.... oh gosh, the list just goes on and on!

Simple word list change

I'm working on a simple word list that can be edited.

Simple MS Word macro change

Off-wiki, I am working on a macro for Microsoft Word that may help editors who use that program when importing documents from En-Wiki that still need to be simplified. More info will be posted later, and the macro will be released under CC-BY-SA on a subpage (not created yet).

Low-hanging fruit or EnWiki featured articles change

Like these plums, a featured article on EnWiki is low-hanging fruit ready to be picked!

If I walk through an orchard, looking for something to eat, I am most likely to pick a low-hanging piece of fruit. This is because the low-hanging fruit is within easy reach, ready for me (or anyone, really) to pick it. Likewise, EnWiki has over 4,000 articles classified as featured articles which are like that low-hanging fruit: ripe and ready to pick. In order to help editors who would like to bring over an article from EnWiki, but who are not sure where to start, I have copied a list of featured articles over to Simple where anyone can tell which articles exist here (blue links) and which ones do not exist here (red links). This is intended as a tool to help editors create content for this project, but that is all it is. The existence of a blue link does not imply that the article we have here is as good as the article on EnWiki, and the existence of a red link does not mean we don't cover the subject in an article with a different (or at least slightly different) name. Editors should do their research before starting any project to simplify an article from EnWiki, or anyplace else.

Signatures change

Etamni | ✉   Current signature

Etc. change

You know you've been editing Wikipedia too much when you go to make changes to a MS Word doc, and start off by trying to click an edit button at the top of the page.
-- Etamni, 9/21/2015

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