Quick deletion


If you see a pink box with the message This page may meet Wikipedia’s criteria for quick deletion at the top of your article, this means someone feels it meets one of the criteria for quick deletion. An admin will look at the article at any time and decide whether to delete it. If you don't agree that it should be deleted, post your reasons on the talkpage of the article, but don't remove the quick deletion tag.

Requests for deletion


If you see a grey box with the message This article has been nominated for deletion at the top of your article, this means someone has nominated the page for a deletion discussion. This does not mean the page will be deleted. The page will be listed at Deletion Discussions for usually 5-7 days, and people will discuss whether it should to be kept; after 5-7 days, an admin will read the discussion and decide whether it ought to be kept. Anyone, including the author of the article, can add to the discussion — click the link in the box at the top of the article. User:Lights/Box-footer

User:Lights/Box-header This means that someone has deleted the article. If you have a good reason why you think the decision to delete it was wrong, leave me a message on my talk page or go to Requests for undeletion. If you think someone's picking on you, as a last resort you can post a complaint at WP:AN, but make sure you have a good reason. If you would like to work on or view a deleted page, I can put a copy in your userspace. Also, recreated articles that are not different from the deleted versions may be be quickly deleted. User:Lights/Box-footer