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About Me change

... Well, hello. I'm Seasick, or at least, that's my username on here. I'm a teenager from Pennsylvania, in the United States. I'm new to Wikipedia, and I joined because I was annoyed at spelling/grammar errors (you can say I'm a bit of a perfectionist). A lot of my edits will be minor, like correcting spelling or adding spaces.

I'm very interested in history, and a lot of my articles and edits will be about people in Japan's history, mainly emperors and empresses. If you like history, feel free to check out my articles I've written. :>

Articles change

Here is a list of articles I have created. If you have anything to add to them, go ahead and do it!

Artwork of Emperor Jimmu.

Emperors of Japan change

I'm trying to write articles on all of the emperors and empresses of Japan that don't already have an article here on Simple Wikipedia. There's a lot more to go, but here are the ones I've already written (feel free to add to them!):

Years change

Important years in history:

Others change

Other articles that don't fit into the above two categories (just about everything!):