War of the Third Coalition

1803–1806 conflict during the Napoleonic Wars

The War of the Third Coalition was a European War during the years 1803 to 1806. It was the first conflict of the Napoleonic Wars. During the war, France and the countries it conquered, led by Napoleon I, defeated an alliance, called The Third Coalition. The Third Coalition was made up of the Holy Roman Empire, Russia, Britain and others. The main fighting in Central Europe ended with Napoleon's victory at the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805 but a smaller campaign continued in Italy until Napoleon won there, too.

War of the Third Coalition
Part of the Napoleonic Wars and the Coalition Wars

Napoléon at the Battle of Austerlitz, by François Pascal Simon, Baron Gérard
Date18 May 1803 – 18 July 1806

French victory


Third Coalition:
 Holy Roman Empire

 United Kingdom


French satellites:

Commanders and leaders
Holy Roman Empire Francis II
Holy Roman Empire Karl Mack von Leiberich
Holy Roman Empire Archduke Charles
Russian Empire Alexander I
Russian Empire Mikhail Kutuzov
British Empire Henry Addington
British Empire William Pitt the Younger
British Empire Lord Grenville
British Empire Viscount Nelson 
Kingdom of Naples Ferdinand IV
First French Empire Napoleon I
First French Empire André Masséna
First French Empire Pierre-Charles Villeneuve
First French Empire Michel Ney
First French Empire Louis-Nicolas Davout
First French Empire Pierre Augereau
First French Empire Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte
First French Empire Jean Lannes
First French Empire Joachim Murat
First French Empire Jean-de-Dieu Soult
First French Empire Auguste Marmont
First French Empire Édouard Mortier
Spain Charles IV
Spain Federico Gravina
Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic) Charles Louis
Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic) Eugène de Beauharnais
Casualties and losses


Holy Roman Empire 90,000[1]
  • 20,000 killed and wounded
  • 70,000 captured

Russian Empire 50,000[1]

  • 25,000 killed and wounded
  • 25,000 captured
Kingdom of Naples 20,000


First French Empire 55,500
  • 13,500 killed
  • 37,000 wounded
  • 5,000 captured

Spain 2,800

  • 1,200 killed
  • 1,600 wounded

Kingdom of Italy (Napoleonic) 2,250

  • 350 killed
  • 1,900 wounded

Electorate of Bavaria 1,500

  • 300 killed
  • 1,200 wounded
All the countries of the War of the Fifth Coalition. Blue: The Coalition and their colonies and allies. Green: The First French Empire, it's colonies and allies.

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