We Shall Overcome (Bernie Sanders album)

album by Bernie Sanders

We Shall Overcome is an album of folk music recorded and released by Bernie Sanders in 1987. It was done when he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont. The album has since been released on iTunes and has attained a new wave of popularity as a result of Sanders' ongoing presidential campaign.[1]

We Shall Overcome
Studio album by
ReleasedDecember 12, 1987
RecordedNovember 1987;
White Crow Audio
(Burlington, Vermont, United States)
  • Todd Lockwood
  • Douglas Jaffe

Background change

In 1987, Burlington-based musician Todd Lockwood was sipping coffee at Leunig's Bistro when he came up with the idea to ask the city's mayor, Bernie Sanders, to record a musical project at his studio, White Crow Audio.[2] Lockwood called the mayor's office and left Sanders a message with a secretary.[2] Sanders later called back to set up a meeting, where he told Lockwood "I have to admit to you this appeals to my ego."[2]

Sanders made a list of ten songs he would be willing to record, five of which made the cut for the album.[3]

List of songs change

Side A
No. Title Length
1. "Oh Freedom"   4:24
2. "The Banks of Marble"   5:51
3. "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"   5:48
4. "This Land Is Your Land"   3:06
5. "We Shall Overcome"   7:22
Side B
No. Title Length
6. "A Conversation with Bernie Sanders"    

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