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Welcome to Wikipedia! Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that anyone can change! There are Wikipedia editions in many languages. Many people all over the world work to make them better. This is the Simple English Wikipedia. The articles here are easier to understand than the main English Wikipedia.

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Natural Sciences and Maths

AlgebraTrigonometryAstronomy (stars and space) • Biology (animals and plants) • MedicineChemistryComputer scienceEarth scienceEcologyGeometryMathematicsPhysicsStatisticsZoology (study of animals)

Applied Sciences

Agriculture (growing crops) • Architecture (buildings) • CommunicationElectronicsEngineeringHealthIndustryMedicineTransportWeather

People and Social Studies

Anthropology (study of people) • Archaeology (history of civilization) • GeographyEducationHistoryLanguagePhilosophy (abstract ideas) • PsychologyReligionSociologyTeaching

Daily life, Art and Culture

AnimationArtBookCookingCustomCultureDanceFamilyGamesGardeningLeisure (free time) • Movies and filmsMusicRadioSportsTheaterTravelTelevision

Government and Law

CopyrightDefenceEconomics (trade and business) • GovernmentHuman rightsLawsMilitaryPoliticsTrade