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Wikiversity is a free wiki website, a sister project of Wikipedia, and run by the Wikimedia Foundation. It is used to help students learn, or teachers to teach. Wikiversity develops learning resources on every subject which users are interested in. It has many links to other wikis with educational material like Wikipedia and Wikibooks.

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Wikiversity started in 2006. Before that Wikiversity was a part of Wikibooks, the library of free textbooks. There are currently wikiversities in many different languages: Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Wikiversity is the best way to develop a small wiki resource to learn your favorite topic if the information is from Wikipedia or Wikibooks. It is also a good place to use the MediaWiki wiki tools.

Wikiversity resources are different from Wikipedia because the user can begin research on the topic. Wikipedia uses materials that are notable and not original research. Wikiversity allows resources and articles developed among individual users. Wikiversity users don't have to share changes with other users. Userpages are used to write articles on your own.

Wikiversity Beta is used to make new Wikiversities. If users speak a language that needs a Wikiversity, then Wikiversity Beta is where they make their resources.

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