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X-Plane is a flight simulator made and released by Laminar Research in 1995.[1] Commercial desktop versions are sold for macOS, Windows, and Linux. FAA-certified versions are also sold for commercial use. A mobile version was released in 2009 and has been made available for Android, iOS, and webOS

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GenresFlight simulation
DevelopersLaminar Research
Austin Meyer
PublishersLaminar Research
CreatorsAustin Meyer
First releaseX-Plane 1.00
1995; 28 years ago (1995)[1][2]

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X-Plane is pre-made with several commercial and military aircraft and global scenery. It covers most of the Earth. X-Plane has a plugin architecture that allows users to create their modules. It also increases the software's functionality by letting users create their worlds or other places on Earth. There is also an X-Plane forum. The forums are where users can share aircraft, scenery, plugins, and the Scenery Gateway website, which allows users to share airports with other users, which can be installed into the base product.

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