Áed, king of Scots

King of the Picts

Áed or "Ethus", was a king of the Picts from 877 until 878. He was the son of Kenneth MacAlpin, king of Scots and was born around the year 840 somewhere in Scotland. He only reigned for under a year and passed the throne to Giric, possibly grandson or grand nephew to Kenneth I.

King of the Picts
Reign877 - 878
PredecessorConstantine I
Bornc. 840
FatherKenneth I of Scotland

Birth change

Like many early Scot monarchs his birth date cannot be confirmed, but most likely was sometime in the year c. 840, in Scotland. He may have been born in Ireland like some other of Kenneth's brothers and sons.

Reign change

His reign began when he was around 36-37 years old in 877. He was murdered by Giric, a relative who took the throne after the murder/assassination of Áed in 878.

Death change

In 878, probably less than 1 year into his reign, Áed was murdered by Giric (possibly his nephew or cusion). He was buried in Iona, only 37/38 years old.

Family change

Áed was the son of Kenneth I, born when he was 30 years old. He is the son of an unknown mother and brother to kings Constantine I and princess NN Ingen Cináeda.[1]

References change

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