26th G8 summit

2000 international leaders meeting

The 26th G8 Summit was a meeting in 2000 for the leaders of Canada, the European Commission, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.[1]

2000 G8 "family photo" at Bankoku Shinryokan. From left to right: Giuliano Amato, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin, Bill Clinton, Yoshiro Mori, Jacques Chirac, and Jean Chrétien.

This meeting of the Group of Eight (G8) was the 26th meeting in a series which began in 1976. The G8 and the summit are part of a "consultative process and not an international organization".[2]

The meeting took place in Japan at Naha on the sothern island of Okinawa. The international group of leaders were together from July 21-23, 2000.

Core participants change

The participants were the "core members" of the group:[3]

Core G8 members
Host nation and leader are indicated in bold text.
Member Represented by Title
  Canada Jean Chrétien [4] Prime Minister
  France Jacques Chirac [5] President
  Germany Gerhard Schröder [6] Chancellor
  Italy Giuliano Amato [7] Prime Minister
  Japan Yoshiro Mori [8] Prime Minister
  Russia Vladimir Putin [9] President
  United Kingdom Tony Blair [10] Prime Minister
  United States Bill Clinton [11] President
  European Commission Romano Prodi [12] President

Agenda change

Global health first appeared as an international agenda issue at this meeting.[13]

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2000 yen note which features Okinawa landmark was issued in honor of G8 summit
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