Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades

armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades (Arabic: كتائب أبو علي مصطفى) originally called the Red Eagle Brigade or sometimes as the Popular Resistance Forces is the armed wing of the Marxist-Leninist, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in the Palestinian territories (the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem). It is known for its role in armed resistance related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and for the Aircraft hijackings of several international planes.

Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades
كتائب أبو علي مصطفى
Katāʾib Abū ʿAlī Muṣṭafā
Participant in First Intifada, Second Intifada, 2021 Israel–Palestine crisis, 2023 Israel–Hamas war
Fighters of Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades in 1969
Fighters of Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades in 1969
IdeologyMarxism-Leninism, Anti-Zionism, Pan-Arabism, Secularism, Guevarism
Motive(s)Establishing an independent, secular, and socialist state in Palestine (region).
AllegianceFile:PFLP Infobox Flag.svg Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
LeadersAhmad Sa'adat
SpokespersonAbu Jamal[1]
Area of operationsIsrael, Gaza Strip, West Bank
Allies Al-Qassam Brigades
Al-Quds Brigades
National Resistance Brigades

The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades were formed to support the PFLP's objectives, which include the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. The group has engaged in various military activities, including rocket attacks and guerrilla warfare against Israeli forces.

Their actions have been a subject of controversy, with some viewing them as freedom fighters[2] while others label them as militants or terrorists.[3]

History change

Logo of Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades

The group changed their name in 2001 to Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, in memory of the Secretary-General of the PFLP, Abu Ali Mustafa, who was assassinated by Israel in 2001.[4]

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