AfriMusic Song Contest

Panafrican song contest

The AfriMusic Song Contest is a pan-African song contest based in the ESC. Different singers representing an African country celebreted since 2018 to present.

Predecessors change

  • Song Of Africa (originally to be celebrated in May 25, 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa to become the African licensed version of Eurovision)
  • Africa Song / Le Chant De L'Afrique (originally to take place in December 2014 and to be organized by the Africa Song Holdings Limited legally registered in Mauritius with the key peeople from South Africa)
  • All Africa Song Contest (originally to be hosted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2015 and organized by the Kush Communications, London based production company led by Zeinab Badawi)

List of winners change

Year Country Song Performer Article
2018   Swaziland Sengikhona Symphony AMSC 2018
2018   South Africa Phakama Mbokodo Nonzwakazi AMSC 2019
2020   Nigeria Yèmi Dhortune ThatOndoBoy AMSC 2020

Highest placings of non-winning countries change

Best placing Country Most recently
Song Performer Article
2nd   Cameroon Stop Ingrid White AMSC 2018
2nd   Mozambique Carlitos Jay Arghh A.K.A J'R AMSC 2019
3rd   Zimbabwe Close To Me Nina Watson AMSC 2018
3rd   Zambia Gold Towela Kaira AMSC 2019
3rd   Ghana Downtown Guy EpiqMenz AMSC 2020
4th   Botswana Coloured Skin Feine AMSC 2018
5th   Côte d'Ivoire Juste en peu CCI Studio Orchestre Meets D S Cynthia, Fabému, Masta Ricky & Papson D.C. AMSC 2018
5th   Kenya Cause You're Mine Crank AMSC 2020

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