Berber languages

family of languages and dialects indigenous to North Africa
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The Berber languages or Tamazight are a group of closely related languages mainly spoken in Morocco and Algeria. Kabyle and Tachelhit are Berber languages.

Berber (Amazigh)
Tamaziɣt ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ
Ethnicity:Berber people (Imazighen)
North Africa, mainly Algeria and Morocco; smaller Berber-speaking populations in Libya, Mali, Niger, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Egypt and Mauritania.
Sizable communities of speakers in: Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Canada, and the United States.
Linguistic classification:Afro-Asiatic
  • Berber (Amazigh)
ISO 639-2 and 639-5:ber

Berber-speaking populations are dominant in the colored areas of modern-day North Africa. The other areas of North Africa contain minority Berber-speaking populations.

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