Cienfuegos Province

province of Cuba
Capital: Cienfuegos
Area: 4,180.02km²
Inhabitants: 404,228
Population Density: 94.54 per km²

Cienfuegos (Spanish for "one hundred fires") is one of the provinces of Cuba. The capital city of the province is also called Cienfuegos and was founded by French settlers in 1819.

Cienfuegos is the smallest province in Cuba. Growing and processing sugar is very important to its economy. There are many sugar mills and sugarcane plantations across the province.

Scuba diving is a popular activity in Cienfuegos. There are many underwater caves and over 50 places for diving. There are also waterfalls in the mountains of the province.

The provinces of Cienfuegos, Sancti Spíritus, and Villa Clara were once all part of the Santa Clara province. The Santa Clara province no longer exists though.


  1. Abreus
  2. Aguada de Pasajeros
  3. Cienfuegos
  4. Cruces
  5. Cumanayagua
  6. Lajas
  7. Palmira
  8. Rodas