Democratic Government of Albania

Albanian provisional government

The Democratic Government of Albania was a short-lived socialist nation that ruled over Albania from 1944 to 1946. It was established by the National Liberation Movement during the end of the Second World War as a provisional government, and existed until the creation of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania in 1946. Its only prime minister was Enver Hoxha.

Democratic Government of Albania
Flag of Albania
Motto: Ti Shqipëri, më jep nder, më jep emrin Shqipëtar
"You Albania, give me honour, give me the name Albanian"
Proletarë të të gjitha vendeve, bashkohuni!
"Proletarians of all countries, unite!"
Anthem: Himni i Flamurit
"Hymn to the Flag"
Common languagesAlbanian
GovernmentUnitary one-party provisional government
• 1944–1946
Omer Nishani
Prime Minister 
• 1944–1946
Enver Hoxha
• Establishment
20 October 1944
• Disestablished
ISO 3166 codeAL
Preceded by
Succeeded by
German occupied Albania
Socialist Albania
Today part ofAlbania