French Canadians

North American ethnic group

French Canadian (Canadien or Canadien français in French) refers to a nation or ethnic group that comes from Canada in the period of French colonization in the 1600s. They are the main French-speaking population of Canada. It may also refer to people of French descent living in Canada, or native speakers of French in Canada.

French Canadians
Canadien français, Canadienne française
Total population
5,077,215 in Canada
(self-identified by ancestry, 2011 Census)[1]
c. 10,000,000 (French-speaking Canadians)
c. 2,100,842 in United States
Regions with significant populations
Canada, especially Quebec, New Brunswick, and Northern or Eastern Ontario, significant minority found in the United States (French Canadian Americans), mostly found in Louisiana, New England, New York and Michigan
French, English
Predominantly Roman Catholic, minority Protestant
Related ethnic groups
French, Bretons, Acadians, Cajuns, Métis, French Americans, French Canadian Americans, French Haitians, Brayons

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