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The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 9th Revision (ICD-9) is list of codes that classify diseases and medical problems. These codes are in the public domain. The ICD is published by the World Health Organization. There have been many revisions, or updated versions, of the ICD. The ICD-9 is the ninth version.[1]

The ICD-9 gives a special, unique code to:

  • Every medical condition (including mental health problems)
  • Specific symptoms, if it is not clear what condition is causing the symptom. (For example, if a person has a cough, but his doctor does not know why, he would just use the ICD code for "Cough".)
  • Changes in the body, or test results that are not normal (if it is not clear what condition is causing these changes).
  • Injuries or illnesses that are caused by things outside of the body (for example, broken bones, burns, and poisonings)
  • Social issues that may cause health problems (for example, if a person's job causes health risks, or if the person's health is at risk because of poverty).

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