List of federal political parties in Canada

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The following is a list of political parties which run for national federal office in Canada.

House of CommonsEdit

Political parties represented in the House of Commons

Name Founded Ideology Leader MPs
Conservative Party of Canada
Parti conservateur du Canada
2003 Conservatism, Economic liberalism Andrew Scheer 162
New Democratic Party
Nouveau Parti démocratique
1961 Social democracy Jagmeet Singh 98
Liberal Party of Canada
Parti libéral du Canada
1867 Liberalism, Centrism Justin Trudeau 37
Bloc Québécois 1991 Quebec sovereignty, Separatism, Social democracy Mario Beaulieu 4
Green Party of Canada
Parti vert du Canada
1983 Green politics Elizabeth May 2

Other partiesEdit

Other parties registered with Elections Canada

Unregistered parties that have been active in recent yearsEdit