Political parties in Italy

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In Italy, there is a multi-party system. This means that it is unlikely for any one party to gain a majority in the Italian parliament and so coalitions between several parties must be formed.

Major PartiesEdit

Major parties are parties with representation in the Italian parliament.

Five Star Movement

The People of Freedom (Il Popolo della Libertà) - A centre-right party that promotes liberal conservatism, Christian democracy and liberalism. It's leader Silvio Berlusconi is the Italian Prime Minister.

Democratic Party (Partito Democratico) - A centre-left party that promotes social democracy.

Northern League (Lega Nord) - A federalist party which wants to make the region of Italy called Padania an independent country.

Future and Freedom (Futuro e Libertà) - A centre-right party which promotes liberal conservatism and national conservatism.

Italy of Values (Italia dei Valori) - A centrist party which promotes populism and anti-corruption.

Union of Christian and Centre Democrats - A centrist party which promotes Christian democracy and social conservatism.

Minor partiesEdit

Having a minor representation in elective bodies with less than 4% of the vote in the 2008 general election: