President of the State of Palestine

President of Palestine

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President of the State of Palestine
رئيس دولة فلسطين
Coat of arms of Palestine
Presidential standard
Mahmoud Abbas

since 15 January 2005
Term length4 years
Formation2 April 1989
First holderYasser Arafat
Salary120,000 USD annually[1]

The president of the State of Palestine is the head of state of Palestine. Since 2013, the title president of the State of Palestine became the only title of the Palestinian president.

List of Presidents (1989–present) change

No. Portrait Name
Term Political Party Election Ref.
Took office Left office Duration
1Yasser Arafat
2 April 198911 November 2004 †15 years, 223 daysFatah
Rawhi Fattouh
(born 1948)
11 November 200415 January 200565 daysFatah
Mahmoud Abbas
(born 1935)
8 May 200523 November 20083 years, 199 daysFatah[3]
2Mahmoud Abbas
(born 1935)
23 November 2008Incumbent15 years, 181 daysFatah2005[5]

Notes change

  1. Made President of UN-observer Palestine state on 8 January 2013[4]

References change

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