Star Fox: Assault

2005 video game

Star Fox: Assault (スターフォックス アサルト, Sutā Fokkusu Asaruto) is a video game that was developed by Namco and published by Nintendo. It was released for the Nintendo GameCube. It was released in Japan on December 16, 2004, in North America on February 14, 2005, and in Europe on April 29, 2005.

Star Fox: Assault
Director(s)Toshiyuki Nakanishi
Hideki Okazaki
Yutaka Yoshida
Producer(s)Tsuyoshi Kobayashi
Shigeru Miyamoto
Takaya Imamura
Artist(s)Yoshihiko Arai
Writer(s)Yoshihiko Arai
Ayumu Shindo
Kazuya Hatazawa
Composer(s)Yoshie Arakawa
Yoshinori Kawamoto
SeriesStar Fox
Platform(s)Nintendo GameCube
  • JP: December 16, 2004
  • NA: February 14, 2005
  • EU: April 29, 2005
  • AU: June 16, 2005
Genre(s)Action, Third-person shooter, Rail shooter
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer

The game has three types of gameplay, including the Arwing, Landmaster, and on foot. Arwing gameplay is similar to Star Fox and Star Fox 64, where players guide Fox McCloud's Arwing spacecraft through stages. The player shoots down enemies and has to defend their teammates. Power-ups are placed on stages to help the player. In some stages, the player may hop out of the Arwing. In Landmaster gameplay, the player guides a tank called the Landmaster. Players shoot or run over enemies, and help their teammates when they need help. On foot gameplay is similar to a traditional third-person shooter video game. The player starts with a blaster gun, and they can get stronger weapons, such as machine guns and sniper rifles.

Multiplayer can be played with up to four players. They can play on foot or in vehicles. New characters, weapons, items and maps can be unlocked in the game.