This template is intended to unify all "transliteration" templates (like {{IAST}}, {{ISOtranslit}}, {{ArabDIN}}. These templates are still usable, but they just transclude this one (e.g. {{IAST|saṃskṛtam}} is a shortcut for {{transl|sa|IAST|saṃskṛtam}}), and {{ArabDIN|...}} for {{transl|ar|DIN|...}}.

The transliteration is marked as belonging in the "latinx" class of MediaWiki:Common.css (note, this renders obsolete the "IAST" class formerly used by {{IAST}}).

This template is kept separate from {{lang}} to address formatting issues (via css classes) and identification of transliteration schemes used. Ultimately, if these concerns are smartly addressed in the css file and/or in {{lang}}, using {{transl|xx|...}} should be equivalent to using {{lang|xx-Latn|...}}, viz. stating that the string is a Romanization by adding "-Latn" to the language code.

There are two ways of using this template: with or without specifying the transliteration scheme used:

  • two parameters, with ISO 639 language code: {{transl|ar|al-Khwarizmi}} means that "al-Khwarizmi" is a transliteration from the Arabic in a loose or unspecified scheme.
  • two parameters, with ISO 15924 script code: {{transl|Ogam|MAQI}} means that "MAQI" transliterates an Ogham inscription without specifying the language. Potentially useful when writing systems themselves are under discussion, e.g. {{transl|Cyrl|š}}, not {{transl|cu|š}} or {{transl|ru|š}} when discussing the letter Ш.
  • three parameters, with ISO 639 language code: {{transl|ar|DIN|al-Ḫuwārizmī}} / {{transl|ar|ALA|al-Khwārizmī}} the second parameter specifies the scheme used (DIN vs. ALA).
  • three parameters, with ISO 15924 script code: {{transl|Arab|DIN|Ḫ}} vs {{transl|Arab|ALA|Kh}} for .




  • [[[Russian language|русский]]] Error: {{Lang}}: missing language tag (help) {{transl|ru|ISO|russkij}}: russkij
  • Аҧсуа {{transl|ab|ISO|aṗsua}}: aṗsua
  • عربي {{transl|ar|ISO|ʿarabī}}: ʿarabī
  • தமிழ் {{transl|ta|ISO|tamiḻ}}: tamiḻ
  • বাংলা {{transl|bn|ISO|baṅla}}: baṅla
  • ελληνικά {{transl|el|ISO|ellēniká}}: ellēniká
  • ქართული {{transl|ka|ISO|k'art'uli}}: k'art'uli
  • 漢語拼音 {{transl|zh|ISO|hànyǔ pīnyīn}}: hànyǔ pīnyīn; compare: {{lang|pny|hànyǔ pīnyīn}}: hànyǔ pīnyīn
  • ภาษาไทย {{transl|th|ISO|p̣hās̄ʹāthịy}}: p̣hās̄ʹāthịy