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Contribution 4: Bernard Baruch edits on Wikipedia

Contribution 5: Created article about Bernard Baruch

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Contribution 10: Created article about Jebel Sahaba

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Contribution 13: Created article about List of Wars: before 1000 (incomplete chart)

Contribution 14: Created another version of Jebel Sahaba; original deleted.

Contribution 15: Created article 'Turkana County'.

Contribution 16: Edited 'Spandrel'.

Contribution 17: Edited 'Snowball Earth'.

Contribution 18: Forgot to log in before doing it. Edited Winery

Contribution 19: Created article 'First Messenian War'.

Contribution 20: Edited The Plains (Filippini)

Contribution 21: Edited User talk: Bhamboi/Split view mountain lodge

Contribution 22: Edited Bacteroidetes

Contribution 23: Created list article List of wars in history

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