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About me Edit

I started editing at en:Wikipedia in October 2005 about Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years' War. Raised their Joan of Arc article to featured and did some other things including vintage image restorations. At present I have 27,000 edits on en:Wikipedia and 2000+ on Commons. I started editing Simple English in December 2007 doing similar things: Commons ambassador work and Medieval French history. I might write a good article or a very good article here sometime. There are a lot of basic articles that need creation, so I'm working on those first.

Articles created at Simple English Wikipedia Edit

  1. André-Marie Ampère
  2. Enrico Fermi
  3. Crochet hook
  4. Bead
  5. Crimean War
  6. Biopsy
  7. Sewing machine
  8. Hundred Years' War
  9. Isabeau of Bavaria
  10. Cockroach
  11. Edward, the Black Prince
  12. Charles IV of France
  13. Philip VI of France
  14. House of Valois
  15. Salic law
  16. Siege of Orleans
  17. Battle of Agincourt
  18. Charles V of France
  19. Émile Zola
  20. Capetian dynasty
  21. Charles the Bald
  22. Louis the Stammerer
  23. Bertrand du Guesclin
  24. Battle of Sluys
  25. Battle of Poitiers (1356)
  26. Treaty of Troyes
  27. Charles VII of France
  28. Charles VI of France
  29. Battle of Patay
  30. Battle of Crécy
  31. Louis III of France
  32. Carloman II of France
  33. Charles the Fat
  34. Odo of France
  35. Treaty of Verdun
  36. Jousting
  37. Rudolph of France
  38. Louis IV of France
  39. Charles of Valois
  40. House of Bourbon
  41. Camelot
  42. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  43. Treaty of Arras
  44. Appanage
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