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Hi. Welcome to my Wikipedia User page User:Jeff G. and Season's Greetings! I am: Jeff G., an Autopatroller, Reviewer, and Rollbacker on English Wikipedia; an Image-reviewer, Autopatroller, Rollbackers, and File mover on Wikimedia Commons; an Autopatroller on Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki; a Rollbacker here on Simple English Wikipedia; a Steward, Bureaucrat, Sysop (TEST), Rollbacker, TW Confirmed user, and TW Editor on TestWiki; a Bureaucrat and Administrator on Wikimedia's Pending Changes prototype wiki, on TechWiki, on WiccaPedia, on AppleWiki, on the Admin Tools Wiki, and on The Test Wiki; an Administrator on TechEssentials, on the Wiki of WondUR, the James of UR Wiki, on RationalWiki (as a Sysop), on Test Wikipedia, on the English Wikimedia Labs Wiki, on the Wikimedia Labs Flagged Revisions Test Wiki, and on the Wikimedia Labs LiquidThreads Test Wiki; a Translator on; and a Betatester on Wikia Community Central. Please see my user pages: en:User:Jeff G., commons:User:Jeff G., de:User:Jeff G., en:b:User:Jeff G., and m:User:Jeff G.

I use AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation.

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