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Star icon 1.png Introduction

Hi, I'm Pratyya Ghosh. I'm an active editor and contributor in Wikipedia, trying to improve the encyclopedia the best I can. My goal is to help improve articles in Wikipedia.

Star icon 1.png About Me

I'm a student. I read in a school at Dhaka in Bangladesh. Presently, I'm in secondary school and has many things wanted to achieve in life. I currently have autoconfirmed rights in the Simple English Wikipedia. I also have an alternative account named Ghosh10.

Star icon 1.png My History

Before I registered and after I registered I did not know that I could write in Wikipedia. I registered at 26 January 2012. So after registration I did not edit Wikipedia. At 16 November 2012, I made my first edit as an IP address. The edit was made at 20:06 (UTC). Through then I made some edits. But not as a registered user. Finally I made my first edit at exactly 16:53:25 UTC. Please look below to see my milestones.

  • 26 January 2012 -- Registered here on Wikipedia.
  • 25 August 2012 -- Became autoconfirmed.
  • 16 November 2012 -- Made my first edit.
Star icon 1.png Contact Information

I edit many things. But in this world nothing is perfect. So I can make mistakes too. If there's any mistake then please remind me. I'll always thank you if you remind me of my mistakes. If you want to contact me then watch down:

Nuvola apps chat.png My talk page. Click the Click here to leave me message link above.
(at).svg You can Email me for private discussions. But you must notify me on my talk page if you want to receive a promptly response.
Skype logo.svg You can talk to me at skype too. But that would be on too emergency. Because I don't talk on skype with everybody. If you want to talk then go to Pratyya.Ghosh from your skype.
Twitter Logo Mini.svg You can follow me or tweet me at my twitter account. To watch my twitter account go PratyyaGhosh
Star icon 1.png Articles I like to edit

Those articles which are related to sports and some people I like to edit. There are some examples down there.

Button Icon BlueSky.svg| ICC's game or World Cup.
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| My Country's anything.
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| About my family and my region.
Star icon 1.png Articles I've created
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Payari
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Mohammad Ashraful
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Bangladesh National Cricket Team Statistics and Records
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Shakib Al Hasan
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Tamim Iqbal
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Mashrafe Mortaza
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| 2012 Asia Cup
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Ringleader
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Khaled Mashud
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Javed Omar
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Mohammad Rafique
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Habibul Bashar
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Mushfiqur Rahim
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Shahriar Nafees
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| International Cricket Council
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| List of One Day International cricket matches played by Bangladesh and South Africa
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| 2012 Trinidad and Tobago Quadrangular Twenty20
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Aminul Islam Bulbul
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Imrul Kayes
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Shahadat Hossain
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Aminul Islam (poet)
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Aminul Islam (trade unionist)
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Aminul Islam (disambiguation)
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Mahmudullah
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Naeem Islam
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Shohag Gazi
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Enamul Haque Jr
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| India national cricket team
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| List of One Day International cricket matches played by Bangladesh and Australia
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| One Day Internationals
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Over (cricket)
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Cricket pitch
Button Icon BlueSky.svg| Cricket field
Star icon 1.png My Favourites and Uses
My Favourite and Uses

Flag of Bangladesh.svg This user supports
CFCThis user is a supporter of CHELSEA
RMThis user is a supporter of REAL MADRID
BPLThis user likes watching BPL
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KRBThis user is a supporter of KHULNA ROYAL BENGALS
ACMThis user is a supporter of A.C. Milan
Big BashThis user likes KFC T20 Big Bash
DGThis user is a supporter of DHAKA GLADIATORS
Ipl.svgThis user loves watching IPL
India Maharashtra location map.svgThis user supports Pune Warriors India
6ersThis user is a supporter of Sydney 6ers
Flag of Bangladesh.svg This user supports
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Young Jackfruit.JPGThis user likes Jack Fruit
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This user likes Ice Cream
Coca-Cola logo.svgThis user prefers Coca-Cola logo.svg

Cartoon and Films

T & JThis user likes watching Tom and Jerry
HPThis user's favourite movie is Harry Potter
D No.2This user's favourite movie is Dipu No.2
BNThis user's favourite movie is Bhootnath


TThis user likes TOM
JThis user likes JERRY
Zafar Iqbal sir.JPGThis user's favourite writer is Muhammed Zafar Iqbal
Akshay Kumar in Sydney for Heyy Babyy.jpgThis user's favourite actor is Akshay Kumar
KajolBH.jpgThis user's favourite actress is Kajol
Vidya Balan at WWF World Earth Hour event, ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai.jpgThis user likes Vidya Balan as an actress.
Shakib Al Hasan (4) (cropped).jpgThis user's favourite player is Shakib Al Hasan
Ricky Ponting YM.jpgThis user's favourite player is Ricky Ponting
Sachin at Castrol Golden Spanner Awards.jpgThis user's favourite player is Sachin Tendulkar
David Warner.jpgThis user's favourite player is David Warner
TAMIMThis user's favourite player is Tamim Iqbal
Messi Copa America 2011.jpgThis user's favourite player is Lionel Messi
Shane Watson.jpgThis user likes Shane Watson
Rohit Sharma.jpgThis user likes Rohit Sharma
Shahid Afridi at the County Ground, Taunton, during Pakistan's 2010 tour of England - 20100902.jpgThis user likes Shahid Afridi
Ajay Devgn at Tezz promotional bus ride (4).jpgThis user likes Ajay Devgn


Solid blue.svgThis user's favourite color is Blue
Chromiumoxidegreen.jpgThis user's favourite color is Green
Color icon white.svgThis user's favourite color is White
Rainbow icon.svgThis user likes rainbow color very much.

Software and Internet

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User:Pratyya Ghosh/Mozilla
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Star icon 1.png Things I don't like or Support
Things I don't like or support

Anti-soccer.svgThis user doesn't support Barcelona
No smoking symbol.svgThis user detests tobacco smoke.
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Pratyya Ghosh (talk) January 2012 - December 2012
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Pratyya (have a chat?) December 2012
Pratyya (have a chat?) December 2012
Pratyya (Happy New Year) 31 December 2012
Pratyya (Happy New Year) 31 December 2012 - 1 January
Pratyya (Hello!) 2 January - present
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Service Awards

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User Committed Identity
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