Year 200 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar.

The eastern hemisphere in 200 BC
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200 BC in other calendars
Gregorian calendar200 BC
Ab urbe condita554
Ancient Egypt eraXXXIII dynasty, 124
- PharaohPtolemy V Epiphanes, 4
Ancient Greek era145th Olympiad (victor
Assyrian calendar4551
Balinese saka calendarN/A
Bengali calendar−792
Berber calendar751
Buddhist calendar345
Burmese calendar−837
Byzantine calendar5309–5310
Chinese calendar庚子(Metal Rat)
2497 or 2437
    — to —
辛丑年 (Metal Ox)
2498 or 2438
Coptic calendar−483 – −482
Discordian calendar967
Ethiopian calendar−207 – −206
Hebrew calendar3561–3562
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat−143 – −142
 - Shaka SamvatN/A
 - Kali Yuga2901–2902
Holocene calendar9801
Iranian calendar821 BP – 820 BP
Islamic calendar846 BH – 845 BH
Javanese calendarN/A
Julian calendarN/A
Korean calendar2134
Minguo calendar2111 before ROC
Nanakshahi calendar−1667
Seleucid era112/113 AG
Thai solar calendar343–344
Tibetan calendar阳金鼠年
(male Iron-Rat)
−73 or −454 or −1226
    — to —
(female Iron-Ox)
−72 or −453 or −1225

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  • The first good measurement of the distance between Earth and the Sun is made by Eratosthenes (approximate date). By studying lunar eclipses, his result is roughly 150 000 000 km. The currently accepted value is 149 597 870 691 ± 30 metres.

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