Black Canadians

racial or ethnic group in Canada with African ancestry

Black Canadians is a designation used for all black people who are citizens or permanent residents in Canada.

Black Canadians
Noirs canadiens (French)
Total population
3.5% of the total Canadian population (2016)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Waterloo Region, Windsor, Shelburne (Ontario), Ottawa–Gatineau, Greater Montreal, Shelburne (Nova Scotia), Yarmouth, Halifax, Brooks, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg
Ontario627,715 (4.7%)
Quebec319,230 (4.0%)
Alberta129,395 (3.3%)
British Columbia43,500 (1.0%)
Manitoba30,335 (2.4%)
Nova Scotia21,915 (2.4%)
Canadian English • Canadian French • African Nova Scotian English • Caribbean English • Haitian Creole • African languages
Predominantly Christianity; minority Islam, other faiths
Related ethnic groups
Afro-Caribbeans • African Americans

References change

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